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Tricky Treats

Why is Tricky Treats so special?


If we’re being honest with ourselves, Tricky Treats is so special because it is an clever practical answer to a difficult question we all ask:

How do I make my pet happy?

Now, given that dogs can’t talk (at least, not yet), we can only research how to make them happy.  Tricky Tricks, after spending hundreds of hours of hard work researching, testing and refining their product, has invented a one-of-a-kind solution to keep your pets happy by giving them things to do whilst you are not home.

Just as we need something to occupy us in that spare time, whether that be swimming, dancing or catching up with friends, our pets need something too. For them, that is Tricky Treats: inspired by dogs, designed for dogs and even tested on dogs (with love, of course) and one cat... so that they can stay entertained even without a Netflix account!

How It Works

Tricky Treats works by being mounted to a wall. From there it throws out toys or treats, keeping your dog positively occupied throughout the day, allowing you to leave them guilt-free, knowing that for them, your time apart will be filled with surprises!

Best of All…

Best of all, for the pooches with lots of separation anxiety, you can program Tricky Treats to operate at regular times each day.  For those needing stimulation, variable time settings and the voice recorder means they hear your voice calling them to fetch their unexpected surprise!


Don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials:

Is your dog "active"? Barking or digging-holes-in-your-garden-and-chewing-everything - "active"? Then you’ll connect with Janine from Mullaloo: “I bought Tricky Treats for Jenna our red Border Collie to keep her amused and hoped it would stop her digging holes… and it worked!

Definitely worth buying, great investment. It gives your dog something to look forward to in their day.”

Any questions? Let us know.

We’d be happy to talk about how our product can help keep your beloved dog happy home alone!

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