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We help cure your dog's boredom

Tricky Treats is the world's first automatic toy and treat dispenser creating positive play for your furry mate when you can't be there. It holds fun toys and treats in a wall mounted dispenser inside or outside your home, automatically releasing each surprise at pre-set times throughout the day.

And you choose the toys or treats you know your furry mate loves! Plus, the Tricky Treats dispenser will call your dog when it's time to fetch each surprise with a pre-recorded message from you!

Don’t make your furry mate wait, own this ingenious Aussie invention today.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, you can try and test our unit and get your dogs tick of approval during this time!

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How does it work?

Do you feel guilty or sad leaving your dog at home?
Is your dog naughty when you’re not home?
Does your dog get sad or suffer separation anxiety?
Does your dog get bored and then chew on your shoes or dig up your garden and retic or rip apart their bed?
Is your dog lonely and barking all day…making the neighbours unhappy?
Then you need a Tricky Treats!
How does it work?

Why is Tricky Treats pawfect for you?

  • Increases fun and reduces boredom by enriching your home and yard with surprises every day.
  • Helps reduce separation anxiety.
  • The perfect distraction! More time focused on Tricky Treats means less time focused on naughty things like digging, barking or chewing...
  • Reduces guilt and gives you peace of mind that your dog is happy and positively occupied when you're out.
  • Stops your dog ever feeling sad or alone by delivering the toys and treats they love, everyday!
  • It is affordable! How much will the next destruction cost due to your dog’s boredom?
  • It works wonders, you can watch our customer videos and read testimonials below.
  • It is very easy and fun to use. Watch our FAQ and “How to use Tricky Treats” videos.
  • No more sad or guilty feelings when you can’t be together.
  • It is inspired by an Aussie dog, Aussie designed and tested on Aussie dogs and 1 cat!
  • Money back guarantee.

Make your lives happier with Tricky Treats

Say goodbye to guilty feelings!

Keep your dog guessing with playful or tasty surprises every day from our toy and treat dispenser.

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What is a Tricky Treats?

What is a Tricky Treats?

It’s a fun automatic toy and treat dispenser that you pre-set to drop out your dog’s favourite treats or toys when you’re not home. You can record your voice to call your dog to come and get their treats or toys.

“Sometimes it’s a yummy treat other times it’s one of my favourite toys.  I don’t feel lonely anymore as I have things to do that keep me healthy and happy every day”

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Why is Tricky Treats so special?

Why is Tricky Treats so special?

Tricky Treats is all about happiness for your dog! Dogs like humans are not all the same. Some dogs like toys, some dogs like treats. Tricky Treats can deliver a treat or a toy of your choice for your dog at whatever time you set.

“What I love about my Mum’s Tricky Treats is that I never know exactly when or what is arriving….making my time at home interesting and fun!”

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How is a Tricky Treats dog happy?

How is a Tricky Treats dog happy?

Our dogs spend a lot of their day bored and waiting for us to come home. This can make both furry and non-furry family members sad. Tricky Treats positively occupies your best mate when you can’t be there.

“I used to spend a lot of my day checking the front gate, waiting for them to come home. Now I’m too busy because I have treats to eat and toys to play with!”

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