Tricky Treats


Do you work long hours, away from home, with your pets left alone in your home?

Do you sometimes consider ringing your boss and calling in sick when you see your dog laying on your bed, curled up in blankets, watching you get ready for work with big sad eyes? We’ve all experienced that guilt and sadness before.

It’s hard leaving our dogs behind when we go to work. Your dog can’t phone a friend, like we do or curl up with a good book to keep occupied!

That’s how Tricky Treats started....Cherelle, the inventor of Tricky Treats, struggled leaving her four-legged child at home. Her struggle was especially magnified when she would come home to a ransacked place. Except the cause hadn’t been an earthquake or robbery, it had been the product of a bored and unhappy dog!

Most of us, especially those with puppies, have come home from work to discover our pets have gone wild. One particular story that stands out was that of a young Chihuahua puppy who detested being left alone. Whenever his owners would leave, he would run to the laundry, steal his mother’s silk socks and bury them in the garden. Why? Because dogs require entertainment and attention, just as children do, except they are not able to communicate as clearly as we do.

Demands for Attention?

Your pet may not steal your silk socks, but perhaps you have had to replace dog beds, door mats, sprinklers, garden beds, pillows, maybe even table legs! If so, Tricky Treats is Pawfect for you.

How Tricky Treats Works?

Tricky Treats keeps your pet entertained and occupied during the day. The timer ensures that there is movement during the day – so your pet will stay alert and interested! Best of all, the toys and treats which can be dispensed can be changed as well. Keep your pet engaged and surprised with the Pawfect dispenser: Tricky Treats.

Make your lives happier and more relaxed with Tricky Treats!

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