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Your Privacy

You’d better get your Mum or Dad to read this as it’s not really about us furry ones!

Tricky Treats promise to never share your contact details & personal information with anyone else.  

Your private information will remain exactly that – private!

Everyone working for Tricky Treats in any capacity is required as part of their contract of work to keep all customer information private. 

We will send you our latest Tricky Treats information and if you want to unsubscribe you can….but we’d be sad.

We will offer you opportunities to receive other furry fun offers and you can say yes or no to the offer and/or to receiving future offers as you wish.

Legal bit – When we say “we” this means Tricky Treats Pty Ltd (ABN 67 606 307 304).

If we need to update our privacy policy we will do so here on the website so please check this page when you visit.

If you have any concerns at all and want to check with a non-furry please contact our Tricky Treats team ….I won’t be hurt, I know I’m just a dog…woof!