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Tricky Treats

How to Use

Watch and learn how to use your new Tricky Treats automatic toy and treat dispenser. We have the solution to your dogs boredom. If you have any further questions about your new product, please visit the FAQ page here.

How to Open the front cover of the Tricky Treats.

Unpacking the Tricky Treats.

How to set the time on the Tricky Treats.

How to set the time you want shelves to drop to dispense your toy or treat, how to record your message to call your dog and how to set the volume.

How to use the remote control?

How high on the Wall should you set your Tricky Treats?

What are all the different fixing points?

What do you do when the battery icon flashes?

How do you set the Tricky Treats so the shelves drop the same time as the previous day?

How to change toys and treats to be dispensed

How to use the Training button on Tricky Treats

How to go out and quick set single use for Tricky Treats