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Use this section to find out about any pending questions you may have regarding your new Tricky Treats dispenser. If you still have questions that are not answered, please contact us via the contact page here.

Yes! This is why other people bought Tricky Treats... My dog:

  • Gets sad alone
  • Suffers separation anxiety
  • Chews my stuff!
  • Chews his bed and my garden!
  • Barks a lot...a lot....
  • Hurts him/herself
  • I want my dog to have fun things to do each day!
  • I don't want to feel guilty when I have to leave my dog at home alone.

Tricky Treats was inspired by dogs, designed for dogs and tested on dogs (and 1 cat!) so we know it works:

  • Good mental health - keeps your dog guessing!
  • Guilt-free paw-parent - easy load, set, leave surprises!
  • Happy fur families and their neighbours!

Both! Tricky Treats is UV stabilised and water resistant. We recommend it is wall mounted under cover from our Aussie harsh heat and windy rain.

You can fix it onto a solid brick, wood or metal wall. Or you can use strong adhesive tags on a smooth surface but it is essential you watch our website setup videos for more details.

h-340mm w-150mm d-170mm

No power outlet required making it easy to locate wherever your dog plays. Four AA batteries are required.

Yes! Vets and dog behaviourists recommend you set the timer differently each day to keep your dog curious and mentally stimulated with daily changes to their environment. See our website for tips on fast setting!

For now Tricky Treats is white. We plan to offer other colours in the future.

In Australia, we deliver your Tricky Treats to you for free!

7-14 days... but sometimes quicker... keep your paws crossed!

Being proud Aussies, we decided to offer Tricky Treats to Australian dogs first before we launch to the international pack!

Yes! All parts of your Tricky Treats are covered by a 12 month warranty. Terms of your warranty are available on our website. We also offer you a 30 day no questions asked refund and return.

YES! Please contact us.

We want every dog to be happy home alone and every paw-parent to have peace of mind that their furry mate is happy and safe. Check out our easy payment options on our shop page.