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Swimming in the Shark Tank!

Shark Tank: a business reality TV show that surprisingly, is not about sharks in a tank, but rather successful business entrepreneurs meeting with inventors, discussing their products and offering advice and sometimes funding.

Tricky Treats submitted our idea in late December and kept or "paws" crossed.  In January we were short listed to audition in Perth and then we won a place to be filmed on Shark Tank in Sydney a few months later.

What did we think of the whole experience? It was one of the most exciting and scary life experiences...and having to keep the whole thing a secret from family and friends was a challenging adventure! 

Our idea to solve a dog's separation anxiety and boredom with a wall-mounted device that dispenses treats and toys while you’re away, was grilled by the Sharks for 45 minutes. One Shark offered to help us in the USA market when we are ready and one Shark has been mentoring us to success ever since.

We know we've created a product that can help millions of pets around the world.  To have this confirmed by the expert Sharks was an affirming proud moment.

It’s incredible to see your idea come to life in your hands, be available in online shops, retail stores and on a national TV show! 

For me it has been very true that "necessity is the mother of all invention"....if my Beagle Douglas wasn't so sad and naughty home alone I would never have invented Tricky Treats.  A solution that not only helps reduce a dog’s misbehaviour but also helps owners feel less guilty about leaving their furry family members at home alone! 

Tricky Treats delivers happiness for you, your dog and your neighbours!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our customer testimonials and our 30 day money back guarantee and start dispensing happiness today...

Furry Hugs Cherelle x


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