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Pet Separation Anxiety and Depression

Everyone can become depressed – even pets. Although they don’t have to deal with late buses, taxes and conflict in relationships, they do have their own stressors and underlying causes.

Is My Pet Depressed or Anxious?

When it comes to emotional distress, there are several symptoms to look out for. Appetite changes (both increased and decreased); Hiding and avoidance behaviour; Chewing or licking paws are some of the most prevalent symptoms. Separation anxiety may also present itself through destructive behaviour, such as destroying furniture and digging holes in the garden.

Resolving the Problem

Depression and separation anxiety occur when there is an environmental imbalance. For example, there may have been a change in schedule, a change of caretaker, or even a lack of things to do in the home.

Your dog may feel lonely and bored, which leads to both depression and separation anxiety or what internationally recognised veterinary specialist in behavioural medicine Dr Kersti Seksel at Sydney's Animal Behaviourist Service identifies as "hyper-attachment".

Dr Seksel reviewed Tricky Treats in 2018 and confirmed it can help reduce hyper-attachment and the associated behaviours by enriching the dog's home environment and giving positive things to do while their owner is away.

Not only does Tricky Treats provide dogs with regular activities that will keep them occupied during the long days, but it also provides dogs with a sense of schedule and meaning, which decreases their boredom and their anxiety that can lead to depression.

Tricky Treats filled by you with fun loving, positive playful toys or treats each day sets you free you from feeling stressed, anxious or guilty when you have to leave...... emotions your dog has a sensitive nose for!  

One in four dogs suffers from depression.

Don’t let your dog be part of the statistics: improve your dog’s daily environment at home instantly & easily with a fun Tricky Treats electronic dispenser that delivers well-being for everyone!

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