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The dangers of a bored dog....

When we feel bored, we can go for a walk, call a friend, TV binge or start a new fun hobby. The same cannot be said for our furry friends.

Destructive Behaviour

Dogs are intelligent creatures that require mental stimulation to stay happy. Without it, they will search for ways to occupy themselves – and these ways often leave chew marks on our furniture, broken plants in our gardens or snow like cushion filling all over the house!


Escape attempts are common with bored dogs.  They have all day to look for the weak points in the fence or gate and practise their climbing, digging, squeezing like a slinky moves!  As a Beagle owner I've learnt very few homes or yards are escape proof....the answer is enrichment.  Make your dogs home or yard or both fun, interesting, a little unpredictable and they'll want to stay home.


Your dog isn’t hungry, but they want something to do. In their boredom, they may eat something they really shouldn’t. This includes poisonous plants and hair-ties, both of which are dangerous for dogs to consume and don't show on x-ray either!

Boredom Busters

If possible ensure your dog has a view outside the home or yard, even just a peek helps them to see the world going by and feel less alone.

As Caesar Milan says, "give your dog jobs to do" to keep them occupied.  Just like us, dogs need mental stimulation, physical activity alone is not enough.  

Tricky Treats dispensers toys and treats that create playful surprises for your dog to solve at variable times each day! 

So instead of eating hair-ties, your new thongs or favourite plant your dog's energy is regularly attracted to the next fun or tasty surprise dispensed by Tricky Treats.  Problem solved!

Say good-bye to guilty feelings and be a happy and proud paw-parent knowing your dog is at home but not alone.

Make every day different and fun for your dog at home with Tricky Treats.


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