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What to do if your dog's emotional cup is empty?


We know humans all have an "emotional cup". When ours gets depleted, we can verbalise our desires and address them accordingly. For our pets, the same does not apply, and a little extra help is needed from us.

What Causes an Empty Emotional Cup?

An empty emotional cup doesn’t happen over night. It is the result of long-term actions. These can include poor nutrition, unpredictable actions from humans and unclear training. However, one of the biggest causes of an empty emotional cup for your fur-baby is under-stimulation, aka - boredom!

When we go to work, we leave our dogs at home alone. Some turn to destructive behaviours to demonstrate their discontent. Others may not show easily recognisable symptoms.

Does My Dog Have an Empty Cup?

If your dog is struggling with an empty emotional cup, they may show the following symptoms:

 -     Mood swings, particularly with increased grumpiness

-      Changes in appetite

-      Changes in closeness: over-protectiveness, over-reacting to sudden changes

-      Hoarding

Restoring an Empty Cup

Thankfully, an empty cup can be refilled. Love, food and attention will all help your dog return to their happy self. Regular routines for anxious dogs.  Irregular routines for curious dogs.  This includes feeding times, walking times, play times, coming home or leaving times.  Like us humans, all our pets have their own comfort zone.

What is universal is the need to refill your pet’s empty cup especially if you lead a busy life and your furry family member is home alone.

Inventions like Tricky Treats help you enrich your pet's environment with positive play keeping them entertained and moving around at different times throughout the day. 

Feel happy leaving your dog at home, keeping their emotional cup full with a Tricky Treats electronic dispenser.

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