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Sharing the love of a senior (Dog)!


Everyone deserves to be loved yet many of our senior dogs miss out on that love when we choose younger dogs or puppies to adopt instead. Shelters are often crowded and older dogs generally being the last to be adopted.

So as cute as a puppy may be, adopting an older dog will save a life and give them a second chance at a fun loving life with you.

Here are a few other reasons why adopting a senior dog is a p-awesome idea.


Sadly senior dogs are often the last to be chosen. Consequently their adoption fees are usually lower. This is great news – you can spend the money on a new toy, or a Tricky Treats!


Unlike their younger counterparts, senior dogs already have experience living in a home. Most likely, they were given up because their owners were unable to care for them – perhaps they moved away, couldn’t afford a pet anymore, their family broke up or a new baby arrived. No matter the reason, this experience means that a senior dog is likely to be house trained, with an understanding of the basic commands and how to fit into your life.

Adopting an older dog will mean you’ll spend less time and money on their training – the hard work has already been done for you....and the stresses of no sleep with a younger dog, puppy accidents on your floors and puppy crying won't'll be free to simply enjoy being together.


Senior dogs are instant companions. They already have experience being someone’s best friend and know how to do it well. Their age also means they are likely to be calmer. They’ll be less destructive than their younger counterparts - instead of digging holes in your garden, they’ll be more interested in cuddles. You’ll be adopting a ready-made Netflix companion!


Senior dogs have better attention-spans than puppies and are better able to focus and understand commands. With some patience and the right treats, you will be able to teach your old dog some new tricks!


I hope this article has got you thinking....

All dog's have a way of reminding us to live in the moment, to be grateful for the little things like a hug, a great meal (any meal) and time to play.

Please consider sharing your love and adopt an older dog...they know how lucky they are to be chosen by you, to be loved and looked after by you... and they'll spend the rest of their life loving you back.

Paws Up!

Tricky Treats Team x

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