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Why Use Tricky Treats?

Did you know that more than 62% of Australian households own a pet?


As a pet owner, our job is to make sure we provide our dogs with enough mental stimulation while we are away at work. Put yourself in your dog’s shoes… would you want to sit in a silent house all day with nothing to do? While the peace and quiet may sound tempting, imagine if this was long-term. Picture it, five days a week, nine hours a day in a house with doing nothing to do – that means no phone, no Netflix, no books, no friends and no helping yourself to food! You’d go insane right? Well, can you imagine how your dog feels? This is why it is so important to keep your dog entertained while you are not at home. Your dog will not be happy or mentally healthy if they are left alone all day with nothing to do. And an unhappy dog will turn into a destructive dog.


While the idea of an automatic toy and treat dispenser sounds wonderful and could potentially solve all your problems… you may be wondering what is the difference between purchasing a Tricky Treats and just leaving the toys and treats out for your dog? First of all, leaving toys and treats out for your dog requires absolutely no effort from them and let’s face it, any food you have left out will be eaten in minutes. Dogs thrive on interaction and instruction, so anything you can do that involves this will help keep your dog busy and out of trouble. Since the Tricky Treats encourages both mental stimulation and physical activity, your dog is using more energy and will be much more engaged in the activity causing them to tire quicker.


It also comes down to keeping your dog’s adrenaline levels balanced. If you leave out your dog’s favourite toys and treats, they are obviously going to be excited in the short-term, raising their adrenaline levels, but once they lose interest (and it’s usually very quickly), they are going to have all this excess energy with nowhere to channel it. A common reason why so many dog owners are confused when they come home to find their couch chewed to pieces even though they left a few toys and a bone out – the toys and bone create excitement, interest is lost in five minutes and because there is no further release for their energy, their frustration turns into destruction. This is why Tricky Treats has an automatic timer so you can manage your dog’s excitement and drop toys and treats throughout the entire day.


Dogs are curious and intelligent beings who are used to hunting for their food so keep their minds active during the day and create positive play for your furry mate when you can't be there.