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The Importance of Mental Stimulation.

Mental stimulation for your dog

Have you ever taken your dog to the park for a good run around or jogged with them for what felt like hours, and yet, when you got home, they seemed to have just as much energy as they did when you left?

Well, you’re not going crazy, and your dog is not some kind of super-freak, they just aren’t mentally stimulated. Mental stimulation for a dog is just as important as the physical side of things. Taking your dog out for a run or throwing the ball endlessly is not enough for your dog to be satisfied, stimulated or healthy - they need that mental enrichment just like we as humans do.

The more mental enrichment you provide your dog, the calmer, happier and healthier they will be and the less destructive.

By keeping your dog’s mind active and entertained, the less bored they will be and the less behavioural problems you will have to deal with.

While exercising your dog is still essential, keep their minds active with Tricky Treats and help cure your dog’s boredom.

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